About 15% of couples in the United States are affected by infertility. One third of cases are due to female factors, one third are due to male factors and the remaining cases are caused by a combination of both or of unknown factors. Our practice is dedicated to providing you and your partner with the best strategies and treatments to help you conceive. We team with other healthcare providers to give you the most thorough and effective assistance possible.

There are many ways to treat infertility including:

1.) Lifestyle changes
2.) Medication
3.) Surgery
4.) Assisted reproductive strategies

"Over the past year, you have been exceptionally attentive and sensitive to our needs and our desire to be parents. You always go above and beyond for your patients, and that means the world to us!
~ Sarah

There are many factors that can affect a woman's ability to have a baby. Some of these factors include:
  • Age
  • Stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Athletic Training
  • Being Overweight or Underweight
  • Tobacco Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Health problems that cause hormonal changes

There are many other factors involved in infertility not mentioned above. To have your questions and concerns addressed by a physician experienced in treating infertility, please call for a consultation.