Susan K. Mueller, M.D.
Place your trust in a physician that truly delivers.
The delivery of your child is one of the most important events in your life. That is why we give the most comprehensive and compassionate care available. Dr. Susan Mueller and our dedicated women's healthcare team are with you every step of the way. There's no need to question who will delivery your baby. On that special day, when you need her the most, Dr. Mueller will be right there with you to welcome your new family member.

"She stood by my bedside to hold my hand through labor, she understood my needs and made sure they were met. She treated me as a friend, not just a patient. Dr. Mueller went above and beyond what is expected of an OB/GYN."

By not dividing hospital call with other physicians, Dr. Susan Mueller delivers nearly every one of her patients herself.

She goes above and beyond to establish special relationships with each and every patient. She speaks "with you" not "to you."

Every member of our team is dedicated to creating a comfortable environment for you during your pregnancy. We're here to answer each question and meet your every need.